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I provide a number of high quality computer repair and technology services to the peninsula; Available to you any day of the week for a flat rate. Contact me to set an appointment or to gather more information

Services For Home and Business

I'm constantly refining my skills to deliver you a high caliber of support and an extensive set of services. Here is a handful of some of the more common ones:

Virus Removal and Cleanups

Virus infections are often characterized by a sluggish system and erratic behavior. Why? These nasty bugs lurk in the background unnoticed leeching vital system resources and interfere with legitimate processes on your computer. Extraction is painless and also fun to watch if you are at all curious! I also leave you with the tools and knowledge needed to bolster a sound defense: Anti-Virus, a properly configured firewall and some wisdom on the importance of browser security and keeping current with all your software updates.

Software, Hardware and Printers

I make the hassles of upgrades and installations a cinch. Need a printer installed and shared across your network? No problems. Lose the product key to your software? Want to juice up your work computer with new hardware? Talk to me about your requirements.

Operating System Reloads

Backing up your data and wiping the hard drive gives the system a new beginning. The process ensures a clean file system and paves a thick layer of freshness over all the bugs and glitches that served to stifle and limit your computers true performance; A solid choice for anyone with a long rap sheet of problems looking to rebuild correctly from ground zero.

Small Business Servers and Networks

I can keep your business running like a well oiled machine. I support a variety of Windows and Linux server operating systems and can manage the processes required for you and the business to perform at a high level of operation.

Wireless/Wired Networking

Did you know you can extend the range of your wireless coverage by using alternative channels? Or that you can transform an old PC into a networked file server and a bolstered firewall? Networking and getting devices to work harmoniously together is a specialty of mine and I have a treasure trove full of tricks to make your life easier and your network smoother.

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My name is Adam and this is my business. I’m small time right now but have BIG ideas for the future. I love the trade for the challenge and the opportunity to exchange ideas and great service with the many people I can now call clients. If I’m not at a computer I’m hiking in Big Sur, tromping around the wild or day dreaming about all the traveling I want to do

Adam Strickfaden

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